Invest in a solar cell battery for increased self-sufficiency

Increased independence with batteries

Increased intelligence

Save solar energy and use it when it is needed the most

Become self-sufficient

Increased self-sufficiency reduces exposure to rising electricity prices and contributes to better control.

No more power outages

No more worrying about power outages. Make sure your essential features work in all situations.

50% tax reduction when buying battery systems

Invest in a battery system and you can get a 50% tax reduction for the installation of green technology, more information is available from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

Battery options

  • Uses the same inverter to control your solar panels and your battery, saving space and money
  • Maximizes efficiency because the battery is charged with direct current directly from the solar panels.
Stand Alone
  • If you currently have a solar cell system and want to add a battery system. The stand-alone battery system works independently of your existing inverter.

How we help you

Analyze your needs

We analyze your energy production and consumption.

Choose your battery system

Based on our analysis and calculation, different battery systems are dimensioned.


After you have selected the battery system, it is installed by certified installers.

Do you want to work with us towards a sustainable future?

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