About us

For a long time, we have been consuming electricity in the same way. We are here to change the status quo and we are on a mission to enable every individual to produce their own electricity.

We have a global experience of over 800 MW and 10,000 Homes going solar. This makes us one of the most experienced companies in Sweden.

We develop and maintain every single solar plant and relationship with great care as we know it is going to take us a long way.

Core values


We inspire growth and innovation through learning and bold action.


Information and experiences, successes and failures, good news and bad news � we share openly. It makes us all stronger

Customer focus

We recognize that our customers are the reason for our success in business today and tomorrow, and we are committed to listen and respond positively to their needs.


We take pride in providing high quality products and services that we stand behind, which ensures customer satisfaction.

Social responsibility

We make sure its business enhances & protects the environment and society. These ethical standards make Arka Energy accountable to both itself and the people it serves.

Our planet has to shift to solar power and we
have made it our job to get it done.

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